Drilling in a LKAB mine with Wassara

This is the Wassara part of the LKAB video film where the subsidiaries are introduced
2017-11-28 | Wassara AB | Sweden

ROBIT – The widest offering in drilling consumables

Robit is a strongly internationalized growth company selling and servicing global customers in drilling consumables for applications in mining, construction…
2017-10-04 | Robit Rocktools Ltd | Finland

My Sandvik – Digital Services

365 Digital Service Solutions, optimize your performance.
2017-09-27 | Sandvik | Sweden

Robit Regrinding Service

Robit provides total solution for re-grinding service.
2017-08-25 | Robit Rocktools Ltd | Finland

Sandvik DS411 Rock support drill

Sandvik DS411 is a fully mechanized and consistent rock bolt installation. This video illustrates the mesh handler boom functionality. http://mining.sandvik.com/en/products...
2017-08-18 | Sandvik | Sweden

Wassara - Water Powered Drilling Technology

Water-powered drilling systems for high performance in surface- as well as underground drilling operations. The Technology • Long straight, clean and…
2017-07-25 | Wassara AB | Sweden

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology corporate video

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology is a business area within the Sandvik Group and a leading global supplier of equipment and tools, service and technical…
2017-05-22 | Sandvik | Sweden

Robit Underground Drilling

Robit is a Finnish company selling and servicing global customers in drilling consumables for applications in tunneling, geothermal heating and cooling,…
2017-05-10 | Robit Rocktools Ltd | Finland

Mine Master underground drilling rigs and bolters for salt mine

Mine Master underground drilling rig Face Master 1.8RS and bolting rig Roof Master 2.3AWKR working in salt mine - GSES, Sonderhausen, Germany
2017-04-26 | Mine Master Sp. z o.o. | Poland

Sandvik DD422iE

Sandvik DD422iE is the mining industry’s first highly-automatic development jumbo with an electric driveline system, engineered to meet your needs for…
2017-02-22 | Sandvik | Sweden

Sandvik top center drill bits

Longer tool life is becoming an expectation as you look to improve efficiency and reduce your cost per meter. We've reinvented face drill bit design to…
2017-01-27 | Sandvik | Sweden

Mine Master underground narrow vein drilling rig

Mine Master underground narrow vein drilling rig Face Master 2.5NVDR
2017-01-24 | Mine Master Sp. z o.o. | Poland

Sandvik 365 - Parts and services you can count on

People tell you stories about quality, commitment and innovation. But for the real story, take a close look at the numbers. In an industry where an hour…
2017-01-23 | Sandvik | Sweden

Doofor DF550L – Hydraulic Rock drill

Doofor DF550L is a high frequency hydraulic rock drill specially designed for underground production drilling and tunnelling. The DF550L has a very low…
2017-01-17 | Doofor Oy | Finland


Core drilling in Arctic Regions since 1980
2016-11-18 | OY KATI AB | Finland